My Post-Orientation Reflection

       I think some of the highlights of the Orientation and the past 2 weeks was the first day of school when I first met my classmates and my form teacher, Mr Nooh. I think the camp and the badge ceremony are some of the other highlights. I think they are highlights because in the camp, I met many friends and I think that the badge ceremony is very meaningful.

       3 of the "low" moments during the past 2 weeks was when I during the first day of school, when I was very nervous and scared. Another few "low" moments was during the start of the camp as I have had bad experiences during my P5 camp, and after the badge ceremony because I had lost some files on my computer and was feeling rather panicky.

      Some of my greatest lessons I received during the orientation was that teamwork is very important in SST as we do a lot of group work. Some other lessons I received was that I learnt to be more courteous and I learnt to cooperate with my teammates better.

     During the past 2 weeks, I learnt a few things about myself, such as: I can cooperate with my teammates quite well, and that I like to do group work.

     In 2011, I look forward to improving my bonds with my classmates and also having fun studying at SST!

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