These are my thoughts on the orientation...

hiGhliGhtS :)
-->Substitute for low elements
-->High elements

-->Not being able to go to the high elements a second time
-->Waiting in the queue at the bathroom just to take a shower
-->Some of the aching positions in the game, Body Parts

-->Trust is important
-->Teamwork is crucial
-->The girl's toilet is easier to clean than the boys'(meaning the girls are not as

messy as the boys)


I think that the camp is really fun and awesome and a great way to bond and find out 

more about you classmates. You also have to learn to trust your classmates whom you

have only known for 3 to 5 days. This is my first camp(because my parents didn't

allow me to go to camp when I was in primary school) and it proved to be one of my

greatest experiences. Sleeping with friends was quite an experience for me, because

when I woke up after the first night my pillow* had gone missing and it turned out 

that it was with JingYi. I don't blame her, as she also hadn't had a clue how it

ended up there. When I woke up in the middle of the second night, I found Iffah 

hugging a part of my sleeping-bag(that I was using). These were fun experiences

even though quite awkward. Overall, camp has been totally awesome.(including the

events mentioned above).

I learnt that I work better with certain people. I look  forward to working with my 

classmates and teachers this year and making new friends~


*It's not really a pillow. It is actually the case of my sleeping-bag stuffed with my jacket

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