Post Orientation Reflection

The 3 highlights are:
1. I communicated well with my classmates
2. Enoch and I showed teamwork in conquering one obstacle in the high elements 
3. My classmates and I performed a skit during the campfire.

The 3 'low' moments are:
1. Enoch and I did not get the chance to go to the swing vine.
2. My class did not do the low elements at the first day of the orientation camp because it was raining.
3. My class had to wash the toilets.

The 3 greatest lessons from the Orientation are:
1. I have to keep the surroundings clean.
2. I have to think quickly to answer questions.
3. I have to do my best in everything I do.

I learnt that I am very slow in everything and I have to quicken my pace to catch up with the others.

I am looking forward to improve in everything I do in 2011.

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