Post Reflection

Post Orientation Reflection

The 3 Highlights of the camp:
- I was able to know my new classmates and form teacher better by communicating effectively through the camp activities, e.g. games and icebreakers
- Everybody in S1-04 worked together as one and displayed teamwork when class activities were assigned to us
- Orientation camp at shines outdoors

The 3 "low " moments in the camp:
- First day in SST was nerve-wrecking for me and I was unsure,doubtful and uncertain
- The fact that the camp environment was terrible and the fact that we had to wash the toilets at the camp site was terrible
- It started to rain during the first day of the camp which prevented us from doing some activities e.g. Low Elements

The 3 greatest lessons from the orientation camp:
- I learnt that the ability to work as a team well is a very important aspect of our life
- We had to learn how to endure and last the 2 and a half days at the camp
- I also learnt that responsibility is an important aspect of our lives as we have to account for our words and actions
What I learnt about myself in the last 2 weeks:
- I learnt that I could not depend just on myself but also depend on other people when I needed help and also trust my friends more

What I am looking forward to in 2011:
- I am looking forward to having more fun, interesting and exciting lessons in school and I also hope to brush up on my chinese, geography and mathematics

Thank you

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