Post Orientation Reflection

I felt that the orientation week was fun and exciting. I have learnt that I can be patient at sometimes and find that with determination you can accomplish your goals.

There is three highlights of the camp which are high elements, bonding games and campfire. Campfire was my favorite but the washing of toilets is not really that exciting. The high elements was more scary than thrilling.

When there is 'high' moments there is also 'low' ones. The low moments are the time we sleep, the toilet cleaning and that we miss the low elements. Due to the rain, we have to play indoors games which are quite boring. They say they may do it if we have the time, well we don't. The floor was hard and cold, making it uncomfortable for us to sleep and the toilet cleaning was a waste of time although, I had some fun washing.

I have learnt that whatever we do, we must be responsible for it. Determination is crucial in success and finally think before we act.

I am looking forward to all the activities the school is going to host and to improve on myself wether on studies or character.

Hao Xian

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