2011, Feb 10: Advisory Lesson - Cyberwellness (Digital Citizenship)

Activities 1-3: Refer to the "Character Education" page at the Student GoogleSite.

Activity 4: Reflection & Takeaways from the lesson
Reflect on... (enter your thoughts under the Comments)
(a) How do you find this lesson relevant to you in your life?
(b) How does this lesson strength your understanding on the importance of observing Netiquette on the Internet?
(c) Which part of the lesson activity do you find most meaningful? Why?


  1. (a)It has taught me how to be responsible while online
    (b)It has shown me the consequences of not being responsible on the Internet
    (c)The videos.It makes use of the popular website Youtube to show the dangers of the Internet

  2. I understand more about cyber-wellness and the rules of the Internet.
    It reminded me that we are still talking to human beings and that some website are fake.
    This lesson taught me more rules that I must obey when surfing the Internet. I learnt that many websites are made to cause harm or cheat people's money.
    I found the part where we were that we there still was a person behind the monitor most meaningful because I learnt the importance of minding my language on the chat.

  3. (a) The lesson taught me how to use Internet appropriately and treasure the use of it. Thus be responsible with whatever we do.
    (b) This lesson has struck me not to spam others like others do to me and control what you want to write, rewrite and rethink about it first. There are websites that trick people to give their personal information and spread virus into our computer systems
    (c) The videos is the one I liked most. It tells us many interesting facts we do not know of and how famous people around the world uses Technology.

  4. (a)It has taught me to be a responsible net user and what should and should not be on the Internet.

    (b)If I am not responsible on the net, I will have to suffer the consequences.

    (c) I find the video on the dangerous web the most meaningful because it tells us to be careful when using the Internet because it could be very dangerous

  5. a) It has shown me how dangerous the internet is and I must take care when I use it
    b)This lesson has reminded me not to spam or post hurtful comments about others
    c) I found the videos the most meaningful part. It tells us about the threat on the internet and we must ensure that we are protected against them

  6. (a) It has taught me to respect others privacy and be a responsible internet user.

    (b)I must think of the consequences before I post anything.

    (c) I think the videos shown is the most meaningful part because it tells us many information about the internet and it can be very dangerous.

  7. (a) It has taught me how to behave and what TO and NOT TO do on the internet.
    (b) It has taught me that you need to act on the net as you do in the real world.
    (c) The "Danger of the Net" video. It taught us many things - that without protection you cannot surf the internet safely, you must check whether the emails sent to you are real and the sender / company / bank is a real and safe one ( if they are asking for your personal details ).

  8. 1. I find the lesson relevant to me because I use the internet everyday.
    2. It reminds me to keep the rules of netiquette wherever I am.
    3. I like the lesson as there were videos that were related to the lesson.

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  10. 1. As we use the Internet almost everyday, it is important to know proper etiquette in the Internet.
    2. It teaches me about respecting others and being responsible for my actions.
    3. The videos as they were very interesting.

  11. 1)It has taught me the proper ways to be polite in the internet.
    2)It has taught me that behaving in the cyber world should be just like how we behave in the real world.
    3)I found the videos meaningful as they highlighted the risks of the internet in an engaging way.

  12. This lesson taught me how I am supposed to use the internet. I learnt that I should not start flame wars, phish and spam. I find hat the lesson is relevant to my daily life because I use the internet everyday. I should watch which website I go to and not give any sort of information to any thing or any body.

  13. (a) How do you find this lesson relevant to you in your life?
    I find it relevant in teaching me manners on the internet, specially when I am chatting with a person from another part of the world
    (b) How does this lesson strength your understanding on the importance of observing Netiquette on the Internet?
    It teaches me manners and gave me advice on proper ways to use the internet
    (c) Which part of the lesson activity do you find most meaningful? Why?
    I found the videos most meaningful as they are able to grab out attention, though we watched it before. This means that it is able to teach us about the dangers of the internet and the growth of it.

  14. a) This lesson teaches us the Netiquettes that should be followed. This relevant to us in our lives as we use the computer almost everyday.

    b)This lesson teaches us to must be mindful of what we do in the Internet so that we do not offend others or irritate them.

    c) I found the videos most meaningful as it lets us acquire knowledge in a fun and interesting way.


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