25.2.11- Today's Homework

Hi guys! Cassandra will not be back until 8 so she ask me to help her post the homework.

1) Complete the Chinese Question. Refer to the Chinese Blog. (Due date: 2.3.11)

2) Sign the acknowledgment paper on assessment plan for Continual Assessments. Sign page 4 and return to Mr Nooh. (Due date: 28.2.11)

3) Complete both Mathematics worksheets. (Due date: WS 7: 2.3.11  Assignment 2: 4.3.11)

4) Complete digital story and complete by 1 March. Submission is 1 March.

5) Chinese Newspaper 《逗号》choose one question to do and do on a notebook specially for Chinese.

6) Go to the NIE website and do the questions there. (Chinese Students only)

7) Chinese Students: Chinese Spelling《友情的考验》 next Wednesday.

8) Chinese Students: Note: Chinese Test is next Thursday(3.3.11)

9) History Test is in Week 10. (Information from History Google Site, Unit 1, Lesson 6. At the top, the red sentence.)

10) Moments HW worksheet, try to complete by Monday(28.2.11)

11) 《山中的奇遇》,找线索。(Due date: Next Wednesday)\

12) Complete ICT script on your video.

Any others please put under comment. I will edit it.

This is proof that the History Class Test is on Week 10 instead of Week 9 and Source-based Questions are not tested.


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  2. no offence but this is then the appropriate way of writing cos its easier to see it now.......phew no longer homework for today.......when is today? everyday is today

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  5. I THOUGHT MS TAN SAID that THE moment WORKSHEET need not do as she has not taught? >:(

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