WHO IS and who ISNT going ofr the programme

For those who are interested, tmrw I will pass a foolscap - for you to write down whethere you will ow wont come to the tree planting thing.
Also if your too busy, you may post here

Anonmoose - if you post here, your an "aziel"


  1. mii is gonna try tah come, and no doubt mr anonymous will post here to sabo me.. =.=" nvm, go call anonymous Aziel, only if you call me Leiza(backwards of mii name) so theres only one aziel... anyways, mii frenn,(Sun Han Chen) is probably goin by himself... Gerald idk if he coming... and the rest of mii frenns still confirming..........

  2. Dang, my parents said that i couldnt come....

  3. spud here here's my email :"spudthegenius@yahoo.com"

  4. FUCK you spud

  5. hi! email me don't spam this blog o o

  6. Me three. And anonymous, watch your language. This is a blog for homework and quarries, not a blog to comment with bad bad words. Watch out or I will tell Mr Nooh. And that is one of our blog rules, not to use bad language.


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