8.3.11 Homework for the day

Today's Homework that was given TODAY:
1. Geography: Map Book pg 40-44
2. Finish whatever ADMT work you have not done yet by today.
3. Complete Summary Writing 1 (downloaded from Google Sites)
4. Read Summary Writing Techniques
5. Science: Finish your work plan for your Performance Task

Homework that has to be handed in tomorrow:
1. Mathematics Journal (Choose 4 questions out of the 7 questions for Task 1 and write a 200-300 word "composition" about the video "Zero the Hero" for Task 2)
2. Mathematics Real Numbers Assignment 1 Corrections hand in to Jemima tomorrow.
3. Travel Declaration pass to Mr Nooh tomorrow.
4. ICT filming of some parts.
5. Chinese "Pearl Bird" finding of clues

Homework to hand in on Thursday(Reference for Cassandra:)] :
1. Mathematics Estimation and Approximation Assignment 1
3. Leaders of Science Performance Task groups, Miss Audrey Tan would collect your email and handphone number on Thursday.

Other Homework and reminders: (Another Reference for Cassandra):
1. Science Performance Task: Progress Update 1 by 18 March 2011.
2. Science Homework Worksheet 5: Energy complete by Term 2 Week 2
3. Science Performance Task complete the WHOLE thing by 1st April and video to be submitted on a non-returnable CD/DVD
4. Complete your workplan for Science Performance Task by this week Friday
5. E-Learning Week is Term 2 Week 1 so there is no need to go to school for that entire week.
6. Speech Day/2011 Celebrations @SST is this Friday

Any others please comment below and I will edit it accordingly.


  1. Even the compo about zero hand in is it???

    -Chang Han

  2. Are you sure it is choose 4 questions out of the 7 and not jus† one? I thought Ms Tan said choose one.

  3. Its 4 qn. Go the ws and see

  4. What about the tiered Questions for Maths when hand in????

  5. The Estimation&Approximation Assignment

  6. What has it got to do with tiered

  7. Got Tier A, Tier B and Tier C ma

  8. It is tier-ed. Say so lah.


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