Holiday Homework :D

This probably sums up all the holiday homework, mainly because all the homework is littered in small posts throughout the blog

1. Science Energy worksheet
2. Geography book page 40-44
3. Sign HCL test
4. Do your corrections at HCL blog, this is for the HCL test
5. Ace-learning Algebra
6. *Higher Malay, recite the oral passage and picture discussion using photobooth
7. Newspaper homework. "The usual"

Performance Tasks (All due on the week after e-Learning):
1. Science, using maximum effort to create minimal results
2. ICT, start filming and Mr. Quek will tell you how to improve
3. I & E, the skit

1. Week after March holidays is e-Learning week, all lessons start and 9a.m.
2. Befriend SST Sci on facebook for any questions about the Science performance task

If there's any more please comment and I shall edit accordingly


  1. How do you know so much Justin? Especially about the Malay homework. You can read Malay?

  2. I told him that just be thankful he posted it :)

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  4. Oh yes, yes, yes. I am so thankful that he knows so much.

  5. Mahoots to you too!

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