-Prepare I & E skit for the group.(Next thursday)
-Sign consent form for Integrated Humanities
-Science energy worksheet
-Geography homework page 40-44
-Chinese homework about the Chinese newspaper
-Answer the question the teacher wrote on the google spreadsheet(refer to chinese blog)(next chinese lesson)
- text book pg 41(next chinese lesson)

Homework due tomorrow
-Sign consent form
-Science Energy worksheet
-geography homework

Prepare camera for tomorrow trip*
1.30pm - 5.30pm Sentosa trip
Bring P.E attire tomorrow.

If go other homework that I missed out please comment below .I will edit accordingly.


  1. The skit is by this Thursday? I thought it is supposed to be done by next Thursday.

  2. It is not Science Forces Worksheet, it is Science ENERGY Worksheet

  3. Genevieve, is the skit really 'due' this Thursday or is it next Thursday.

  4. This Thursday no I&E can still do skit??? Amazing Cassandra, able to change this even week to next week with her words.

  5. nice................VERY nice........ and stop blaming Cass; she's been hardworking (like when u call me rooster and I still have to control the class...)

  6. Cassandra you forgot the spreadsheet for HCL, the one where you have to answer one of the comprehension question. Chang Han good job defending her ;) *winkeh face XD*

  7. Wow Chang Han, nice words to defend Cassandra. And what's with the short form 'Cass'. And Cassandra, I can forgive you. @Justin, Cassandra did write the google sheet part. Look carefully.

  8. i wonder wassup w/the gurls bein suspicious if a guy calls em byy their nickname... :P

    Aziel (mii no wanna log in :P)

  9. The thing that Cassandra forgot to post is the HCL textbook page 41 and not the spreadsheet for HCL.


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