Homework -31/3/2011

1)Please bring long ruler and graph paper for next math lesson (Monday)
2)Read chapter 16 of math textbook 1B.
3)Bring 1 advertisement and 1 newspaper article with
statistical chart
4)Paste on the wall wisher your thoughts on the Sentosa Mobile Learning Trip: "What is the role of Sentosa in the British's big plan of defense".
5)Answer the Chinese Questions

Newspaper homework

For every newspaper go to the respective NIE website to do one question out of many.
Think about the question "你是属于哪一组的“  (edition number 11)
Answer who is your female role model (edition number 12)
Give your opinion on "Are Singaporeans cool?"

Refer to the Chinese Blog for more information

Homework needed to be handed up on 1st April

-Science performance task
-Complete the animation paper.
-Sign on ADMT test.
-Two rhyming poems for English
Jing Yi, Benjamin, Jerome, to send their "newspaper books" to Miss Lim for her to check your book on Friday
-Class Fund for April. Please pass $2 to Jerome or he will come after you. 

For Geography tomorrow, Mr Yeo will not be around as he is attending the excel fair that Mr Chua mentioned in his talk today. So download the files from the Geography Google Site. Topic is Land Resources.

And go to ADMT room on Level 1 for tomorrow's ADMT animation lesson.

Thank you very much. Please do not forget to do all your homework.

 If there is anything else which I have forgotton, comment below and I will edit accordingly.  =) 

All the homework to be handed up tomorrow is not a joke. I mean it.

Enjoy your April's Fools Day tomorrow.


  1. I tot is edition 11 not 10?

  2. Cassandra, the chart is statistical chart, and not statical chart.


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