Addiction Letter

Dear Everyone,

In this culture of entertainment, and all that we have around us, we gotta make or break with every little chance that comes by our way, big or small. We have MacBooks with us, and Facebook now is easily accessed by all of us. MouseHunt is one game that most of us play, Backyard Monsters another, and actually many more games on Facebook are games we play.

Even though most games are free, some ppl on our planet are wasting Hard-Earned Money on things not necessary and virtual. In case you had not known, money used to play games are as bad as throwing money down the drain like gambling. Most of us do not realise it cos maybe we have not done it, good we do not do such things. So it's still best to play offline and go outdoors, it's a healthier too! Play Less, Pay Lesser....Do not be addicted and turn foolish



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