CE letter against gaming addiction

To anyone who is addicted to computer gaming:
How could you let your gaming control your life? I really hope you will learn how to gain back control over your life after you read this letter.
Why do you play computer games? Well, you probably play them to de-stress, right? There are many many other ways to de-stress, such as playing basketball or badminton or other interactive outdoor games. These can not just help you socialize with your friends, but it also keeps your body fit!
You can also drink a cup of tea and listen to music or reading books, etc. These methods refresh your mind and if you read, you can increase your command of your language, be it chinese, malay, tamil, or english.
So, now can you see all the other methods of de-stressing? They can be much better than computer gaming!
However, I am not asking you to quit computer games. There is a time for everything, including different types of de-stressing. If you are stuck in an MRT train for long periods of time, then that should be the time when you play your games, as no other de-stressing activity is available. If you are at home though, and your friends are free, challenge them to a match! Beating a opponent in real life is much more satisfying than beating the computer or a player over the internet.
I hope you have gained more understanding of gaming and how you can effectively use de-stressing activities.
Jerome Heng
(A.KA. Edsel Jerome)

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