Homework-6/4/ 2011(Wednesday)

1. Create a little audio clip ranging from 30s- 5min using Magic Garageband
2. Loop music of 30s- 5min 
3. Make a podcast about natural disasters for at least 1 minute. Do not record in school, and no background noise allowed. No "poorly" recorded podcasts. 
4. Make a poem from 4-6 stanzas containing 6 onomatopoeic words. Then make a wordle out of those onomatopoeic words at www.wordle.net . Then take a screenshot of the wordle and be sure to put it in the public gallery. Finally submit the screenshot in the English submit folder. Name the poem (Name_Class) and the wordle (Name_class_MyWordle)

5. Math questions 4,5,6,7. You should have finished question 4, 5, 6 in class. You are to do 7 at home. Ms Tan has mentioned that for each 1 interval from 5 to 10 there should be only 1 level in the histogram. 
6. ADMT, you should finalize your story for the animation
7. Bring newspaper article with a statistical chart and an advertisement with a statistical chart. Remember that the chart must have words and descriptions so that we can analyse it. This is due of Thursday
8. Paste on the wallwisher on your thoughts about how Sentosa was important to the British's plan of defense http://www.wallwisher.com/wall/mobilelearning104

1. Finish page 49
1b. Do a small composition (stil a composition) based on what you wrote on page 49. This is due on Monday
2. Study for spelling tomorrow

Newspaper Homework
It's the same thing...

Homework due tomorrow
Bring statistics chart article
Finish page 49 of HCL textbook (not the composition)
HCL spelling tomorrow!
Posting your answer on wallwisher
I & E skit!!! (Someone volunteer to be first?)

1. HCL composition test next Wednesday
2. ICT movie should be submitted by today

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  1. You typed the still wrongly. You typed it as stil.


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