Homework for 19/4/2011

1. Science Homework7
2. Paul's wheel of thinking for CE, you don't need to fill in all the blanks
3. Keep on guessing your friends' "personification"
4a. Download both files from the History Google Site
4b. Read the file named "Colonial Rule in Southeast Asia" and using Mindnode, create a mindmap on "Colonialism".You have to read the file and write down points you "find" in the file and put it in as a node. For more information, you can ask Mr Seth Tan. :)
5. Record an enhanced podcast with a URL link using GarageBand. No "poorly" recorded podcasts are allowed. Meaning no background noise and do not, I repeat, DO NOT, record your podcast in school.
6. Sign all unsigned forms you have
7. Finish the first scene of your ADMT animation

Mathematics Homework
1. Math worksheet 3, yes the one on MEAN, MEDIAN AND MODE~. You don't need to read the manga nor listen to the song...again
2. Worksheet 4, do the histogram on a graph paper.
3. Hand up  the articles and wheel to Jemima- remember to write down your name and class on the article
4. AceLearning on MEAN MEDIAN AND MODE

Homework due tomorrow
Is personification guessing counted homework?
Math worksheets 3 and 4, hand up the articles and wheel
Science Homework 7

Math, English, HCL test next week
Science test next week, most likely on chemistry


  1. Eu forgot the ADMT homework.

  2. I thought you were not posting here anymore?


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