Homework for today -13/4/2011

1. Read up on stem and leaf diagrams and scatter plots
2. Finish up the questions for the new Science worksheet, activity 1 and activity 2
3.ADMT finish up your story board and the cutting depends on your group.
4. Math Ace Learning  about histogram
5. Create a little audio clip ranging from 30s- 5min using Magic Garage-band
6. Loop music of 30s- 5min 
7. Make a podcast about natural disasters for at least 1 minute. Do not record in school, and no background noise allowed. No "poorly" recorded podcasts. 
8.Math Worksheet 2 on statistics.
Homework due tomorrow
- Math Worksheet 2 on statistics.
 -Chinese worksheet about finding out 琴声中的梦。

- History tests(make sure it is signed by your parents and correction is done)

-Ace learning quiz


  1. Uh Cassandra, I has a suggestion.I think it would be better if you categorise them in subjects for EZ ACCESS!!! Me thinkz so :P

  2. I kinda agree wth anonymous

  3. Yeah! Im the first trusted anonymous! Me so HAPPY!!! :P

  4. but no1 noes wich anonymous is wich.

  5. Aziel, if eu don like people to call eu Leiza, please chage your name back


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