A letter to my friend addicted to online games

Dear Clarissa,
    Please stop playing computer games. It is bad for yourself. I know you find it fun, but please stop gaming.Playing online games has already became an addiction. it is affecting your daily life and you are not doing your work. Your grades are dropping. I am kind f disappointed that my friend is addicted to gaming. If you really can't stop gaming, at least not go online too much. You can spend time on the internet gaming, but do not ross the limits. Please. Play your games, but when it comes to eating your food or doing your work, stop and do your work or eat your food. Your mother will get worried and angry if you do not eat your food or do your work and your grades drop. Also, when your friends are around, leave the computer and socialise with you friends, play with them. Play games like Monopoly with them. This is my request to you. Try your best.
    If you are gaming to relieve you stress, do not game. You can read a book, play sports, exercise or many other things. Gaming is not the only way to relieve your stress. Help yourself, and help me


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