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Dear Anonymous,

People are worried that you have fallen into the wrath of the villan known as 'gaming'. What was once a medium to help you de-stress and relax is now what you live for. Precious money that your parents earn, wasted on virtual cash. The satisfaction of a level up is much more enjoyable than having a good mark in a test. You use all times to game, school, recess, home. Your memory of the game's monsters and gaming techniques is much more than your memory of what you learnt in school, collectively.You might deny it but you are addicted. 

If you can't be bothered about the advice people give you then let me give you some warnings. Reports show that people die playing games, in front of their monitors. People become bankrupt, wasting all their cash on in-game credits. People abandon their actual social life just to game. Your parents can easily block the game URL adress from the computer, but they don't, they trust you to plan your gaming time well. 

Prove to them that you can plan gaming time well. If you do want to quit, and you should, you ought to get some help. Visit a counselor, start socializing, start playing more recreational activities. If you don't you're going to end up like those people, dead before the monitor screen, bankrupt, un-liked by all.

With utmost regards,


  1. all you wrote is : do or die

  2. *likes kaelan's(eternity) comment*

  3. This is not facebook

    Thank you

  4. that's why i'm commenting it. 'cos there's no like button ^^


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