3/8 The homework of Wednesday


Announcements / Notes :
☞ PTs: HCL PT, due next Friday. HML, due on 5th August. IH due on 15th August. English, 15th August

1. English -
The information report PT
EL oral reading

2. Math -
Math Algebra revision worksheet which you just received
Worksheet on Algebraic binomials expansion (patterns thingy), try to complete all 4 pages. Exercises aren't compulsory, though.
Factorisation worksheet, page everything. Even the challenging practices.
AMC practice

3. Science -
Science 11b worksheet a

4. Geography -
Read up on China's one child policy and its geography
Form your IH PT groups

5. History -
Do your poster on your forefathers

6a. Higher Chinese -
The HCL blog oral conversation report
HCL su yu corrections
HCL 1B textbook page 2-3

6b. Higher Malay -
Performance task!!

7. ADMT -
ADMT studio apartment
ADMT journal

8. IRS -
IRS methods and introduction.

9. I&E -
I & E module, group leaders to email MR Lam on your modes. of presentation. You need 2.

Homework due tomorrow:
☞ Get Math test signed
☞ Finish Geog concept map
☞ If you haven't, finish your oral.
☞ Math worksheets?

Good luck for oral tomorrow!


  1. You forgot science worksheet 12. Btw, must we even complete it?

  2. No Jemima we don't and Genevieve, it's just a typo. :3

  3. Can u guys PLEASE update the homework list! Its the same thing again and again and again... You obviously copied and pasted this from yesterday's post and just modified it -.-

  4. Maybe you can organize the homework by when it was given instead of by Subject as it looks better, plus there is a lot of old stuff

  5. I suggest you do it by subject, and under the subject put the date given. I think that would be better.


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