Post Orientation Reflection

3 of the highlights of my Orientation and the last two weeks are when I stepped into SST as a Secondary School student and no longer a primary school student, met and bonded with my classmates and teachers and when I attended the Orientation Camp.

Some of my “low moments” during the Orientation were when it rained during the first day of camp, which meant that some games were canceled,  and when our cohort were scolded for not greeting our seniors or teachers properly.

I have learnt to be more mindful of my actions as whatever we do always have consequences. I have also learnt to trust my new friends in such a short time. I have gained much more confidence in myself ever since school stated.

Everybody has a voice within them, and this voice should be heard whenever we have a different view or opinion. I have learnt to apply this in real life, and am proud of achieving such courage.

I am looking forward to new challenges this year, which would make me improve myself as a better person and make me a better student.

Nurain Iffah

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