8.4.11 Homework for the weekend :)

1. History Test Corrections. Mr Tan will put the corrections up on the History Google Site.
2. Science Homework 6: Elements, Compounds and Mixtures
3. ADMT Thumbnail Storyboard
4. English Journal: "How can Poetry help to improve on your English". Put in Class Pigeon Hole

Homework Due On Monday:
1. English Journal
2. Paul's Wheel of Reasoning(Newspaper Article and An Advertisement, Must have Statistics, not Tables)
3. 3 problems that have been bothering you(I&E)
4. Gaming Addiction Letter
5. HCL Mini-Composition and Page 49 of Chinese Textbook
6. The two groups who have yet to perform your I&E skit, please be prepared to perform it on Monday.

Upcoming Tests:
1. Chinese Composition Test on Wednesday(13.4.11)
2. English Comprehension Test on Tuesday(12.4.11)There will be no summary for this test :D


  1. Why are you still posting here? We already have a homework blog for this.

  2. You missed out the ICT homework

  3. YOU DO KNOW that Cassandra is not doing her job by letting Justin,Genevieve and the rest to post it for her in the New Homework blog.I find this ridiculous that you are not doing your job and letting others to do it for you.

  4. She is busy and she comes home late at night do YOU know that??


  6. Anonymous! Shut up before i make you. If you want to complain about the homework, then remember yourself and don't depend on the ones who are doing all the job for you!

  7. Guys, let's just ignore the anonymous. If you don't have a blogger account and you want to comment(as in constructive comments) please sign off with your actual name and where you came from(like if for other classes please state the class) if not we shall ignore you. thankyu for ur cooperation. :)

    (wow i sound rilly formal here. O_O)


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